- それぞれの分野のリーディングプレイヤー
 - トップレベルの研究者
 - 公的ファイナンシャルサポーター
 - 外国企業とのミーティングセットアップ
 - 国際的なリサーチチームの構築
 - 国外のクラスターや、企業とのパートナーシップの構築

French industry policy to stimulate economy and strengthen R&D
A new tool for a more efficient and competitive industry in France was launched in July 2005 when the French Government selected 71 projects as competitiveness clusters.
The competitiveness cluster policy aims to create synergies between companies, public and private research units, academic institutions, in order to establish working relationships which would create a cooperative environment and promote partnerships within innovative projects. Researchers and business enterprises are mobilized within a public/private sector partnership to work on new projects resulting in innovative advances, economic efficiency and job creation and which should enable involved players to attain leading positions in their fields. It is a part of the French efforts to reach 3% of R&D expenses in the GDP, following the European “Lisbon Strategy”.
The competitiveness clusters are addressing the technological sectors with higher impact on French economy: information and communication technologies, energy and environment, health related technologies, biotechnologies, aeronautics and transportation, food industry.
A competitiveness cluster is an organization which brings together the best players in their fields, small or large, and in which each participant can benefit from an access to the following:
• Leading players in their fields.
• Top level researchers.
• Qualified personnel.
• Public financial support to encourage innovative projects in the best possible conditions.
Moreover, due to their international vocation, the competitiveness clusters facilitate:
• setting up foreign business enterprises who benefit from this technological environment;
• creating international research teams;
• developing technological partnerships with companies and research centers of foreign clusters.
The success of this innovative industrial and country planning policy is contributing to the favorable orientation of French economic indicators: improvement of the economic growth, renewed positive level of manufacturing investments and rising R&D expenditure.
The French competitiveness clusters are under the supervision of the Regional Directorates for Enterprises from the Ministry of Economy and Finance.