HYDREOSはFrance Water Teamの一員で、約650名のメンバーで構成されるフランスの水分野でのクラスターであり、2015年からHYDREOSはスマートウォーターネットワークとして、水使用のデータ管理技術や、排水管理などのネットワーク化を手掛けており、ARやAI技術を使用したイノベーションの開発にも注目している。

HYDREOS is a competitive cluster in the water market in the east of France. It brings together both small and large companies, research laboratories and educational establishments. It is dedicated to supporting innovation and helping particularly innovative collaborative research and development projects (R&D) to progress. By doing so, it generates growth and creates employment.
HYDREOS is a member of France Water Team, which is the result of a partnership of clusters in the field of water in France (650 members).
Since 2015, HYDREOS manage a working group about smart water networks, accelerating the awareness and adoption of data-driven technologies in water and wastewater networks. Augmented reality and artificial intelligence are two tools used by this group to develop innovation.