発展を続けている。Imaginoveはフランス国内の様々なICT分野の企業、またEUのネットワーク、たとえば、European Cluster Collboration Platformなどによって運営されている。

Imaginove is a triple-helix cluster, which federates and contributes to the expansion of projects and businesses in digital content and services industry in the Auvergne- Rhône-Alpes region, rated the second one in France due to its economic weight. It assembles 200 members, mostly innovative SMEs, but also academics, researchers, laboratories and public bodies. Clusters’ activities stimulate the region’s dynamics and boost its national and global growth. Imaginove has wide expertise in methodical approaches for the identification and selection of promising concepts as well as the follow-up of these. Imaginove aims to: boost the innovation and competitiveness of the ICT Industries, promote business models that encourage the search for new digital technologies, contribute to the development of R&D in all fields related to the ICT and Creative sectors.
The cluster was created in 2006, focusing mostly on media and audiovisual sector with a strong cooperation with production studios as well as with ICT companies developing the VR and AR solutions. Now, Imaginove gathers the CCI and ICT companies, enlarging its sectors of expertise and influence to such areas as Artificial Intelligence, VR, AR, gaming, IoT, NGI, e-health, e-learning, service robotics, well-being, connected sports etc.
Imaginove animates a large pool of stakeholders in different ICT fields in France and is also member of several EU networks – a Steering Board member of NEM (The EU Technology platform for New European Media) and an European Cluster Collaboration Platform.