OPTITEC’s mission on the regional & national level is to foster and promote activities of photonics & imaging sector in the south of France and to strengthen the synergies between its 220 members from research, higher education and industry sectors (over 130 companies). On the European level OPTITEC fosters participation of its members in various EU R&D programmes, notably in Horizon 2020. In order to enhance the visibility and competitiveness of its members it facilitates the interaction with the European partners.

Smart cities: Optical systems for treatment and valorisation of waste, detection and treatment of pollutants in air, soil and water, improvement of energy efficiency. Photonics for Factories of the Future: Optimising the production process reliability by introducing non-invasive control system. Photonics for security and surveillance: Imaging, sensors, transmission, optical surface treatment, special lightening systems. Photonics for medical technologies: Scanning, detection and imaging technologies (e.g early diagnosis of cancer).